Cake Stand Hire

The Mosser Cake Stand is made entirely from glass to give it's strength to support a 4-tier wedding cake
The New Mosser 'Raspberry Black'
Milk Glass 23cm Pedestal Cake Stand direct, from the US.
The Very Latest in Designer Cake
Stands Suitable for up to  
4-tier stacked Wedding or 
Celebration Cakes.
White is also now available!
As featured in 
'The Great British Bake Off'!
This beautiful cake stand is available 
to all customers of Gill's Cakes for just £25 hire 
Plus a returnable deposit of £75, on safe return. 

The Mosser 'Milk Glass' Pedestal Cake Stands - Please Read
Although these stands may feel similar to ceramic or even metal, please remember the stand is glass and should be handled, stored and cleaned accordingly. 
If used carefully the 12" diameter stand can hold up to approx 34kg, but this is not guaranteed by Mosser 

Ensure a flat, stable surface and ensure the cake is perfectly centred so that the glass is not stressed. Take care when cake cutting not to put excess pressure on the stand.
Please also be aware:
These stands are expensive to buy and if returned damaged the full £75 deposit will be forfeited without question.   

The Royale Cake Stand - Hire is  just £20 (+ £50 refundable deposit)
This fixed-base, modern, clear perspex stand, with platforms of differing levels 
for three tiers or less; or would make a lovely cupcake stand.

(You could put flowers on any platforms not taken by a cake)!
The Royale can be hired for £20, + £50 refundable deposit on safe return.
Please book as early as possible to secure the date.
The Royale
Royale Cake Stand 50pct
Stand Delivery/Return
Someone needs to be able to 'take delivery' of the stand/s and sign for the condition they are supplied in.
The stand/s need to be returned within the time-scale specified on the hire booking form.
It is expected that the stand/s are returned, at the expense of the user, in the same condition in which they were originally hired.
Late return will constitute non-return and the returnable deposit will be forfeited.
(You will be allowed, at the very least, a minimum of 3 days for return)
Normal small wear and tear scratches are acceptable on return, however, any severe damage or non-return will result in some or all of the refundable deposit being forfeited.


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