Emily & Chris's Wedding Cake Story
                                       Written by Gill

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Emily first visited me in September 2016, to discuss her and Fiance Chris's 'not too distant' wedding plans.

The couple had been together since 2000 and had been blessed with three gorgeous girls but had never had the opportunity to get married. 
Emily's Nanna, eager to see the happy couple married, was instrumental in organising the family to all chip-in
to make the dream wedding happen.
Emily & Chris decided on a 'Monochrome' (Black & White) Wedding Theme', a classic look for a winter wedding, and were very keen to incorporate their lovely family into the cake design. 

Hence; the above design was sought on the internet with a request to 'tell the Johnston Family
Story' on each tier of the cake. 

On the day, Emily look stunning , she wore a Grecian style wedding dress with a flowing train accented with beading and a short veil and floral headdress.

Three adult bridesmaids and an array of little flower-girls and page-boys were dressed to match the theme. The little girls wore lovely black dresses and the boys wore black bow ties and braces. 

The reception was held at Warrington Sports Club, where their guests enjoyed Afternoon Tea followed by a Hot Buffet in the evening.
So, onto the details of the cake.....
'Patchwork Cutters' make the silhouette stencils for this type of cake, two of their ranges, 'The Family' and 'The Countryside'  kits were used to make Emily & Chris's Cake.

CIMG3814 (3)The bottom tier was a Chocolate Truffle Cake split three times with Chocolate Buttercream and depicts Emily & Chris in their early dating years.

The middle tier was a Raspberry Cake, containing fresh Raspberries, and split three times with a Raspberry Buttercream. this tier depicts them starting their family, and pushing a pram in the park. 
The top tier, also Raspberry, shows the growing family.
Finally, the cake topper depicts the happy couple as they exchange their vows on their special day.
            Saturday 19th November 2016
The tiers were made in 10", 8" and 6" round tins
The depth of the cakes had to be at least 5" to accommodate the silhouettes.

Shown below; the cake tins are first lined with parchment, the chocolate cake is mixed 
and then baked. 
This 10" cake was cooked in a slow oven for almost three hours.
It was then split across three times and filled with a rich chocolate buttercream.




These pictures show the Raspberry cakes as they are split and filled with Raspberry buttercream.



CIMG3795After being filled with their respective  buttercream, All the tiers were 'crumb-coated' with a thin outer layer of soft Vanilla Buttercream. This provides a firm crust to stop crumbs from mixing with the top fondant coating,when this is applied. 
The cakes are then covered with the fondant icing, 



To be sure the final stacked cake doesn't collapse, it must be  dowelled with plastic or wooden rods or tubes. these must be exactly the same size and be straight so the cake remains perfectly upright when constructed. 
These plastic dowels were cut then the edges were sandpapered,then washed and sterilised before being put into the cake.     




Probably the most difficult part of this cake is the cutting of the  silhouettes! The modelling/flower paste needs to be rolled out thinly on a board/worktop that has been pre-greased using white vegetable fat (Trex). Do not move or turn over the paste as you roll, you need to keep it in contact with the board until the correct thickness is reached. Then, using a greased cutter press firmly onto the paste and, with larger complex cutters,, remove the paste from around the outside of the cut shape. With a flat knife gently lift one edge of the shape and peel it from the greased board, turn it upside to dry on a smooth surface.

Emily wanted the lamp lanterns to appear lit, so I attached a small piece of yellow flower paste to the back as you can see in the photo above. I also made some tiny butterflies to attach to the trees. 
You can't rush this part of the cake, each silhouette needs to be precise otherwise you lose the definition. I also cut out some 'grey' silhouettes to provide some dimension to the finished cake.

Emily also wanted some bling so I added some thin strips of diamante ribbon to the edge of the base drum (board) and the bottom of each tier. This also provided some dimension to the 
number of tiers in the cake. 
The cake topper isn't edible, it was purchased on e-bay for this purpose. 

Many Congratulations Mr & Mrs Johnston! 
Thank You for asking me to make your dream Wedding cake, it has been an absolute pleasure. Thank You also for allowing me to tell 'Your Cake Story'.
See Emily's testimonial on the Testimonials Page

Best regards Gill x

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