Price Guide - Multiple Tiers (Including Wedding Cakes)
Not just for Weddings or Civil Partnerships!
Consider two or more tiers for 18th, 21st, Anniversary,
Engagement, Christening/Baby Naming.

2, 3, 4 or 5 tiers, any shape and any combination of sponge or fruit cake.
These cakes can be stacked or separated with pillars/rings of flowers/ornaments

Many cakes are considered 'Standard' in their design, however,
Novelty Cakes with more than one moulded figures, bespoke designs that involve a large amount
of handcrafted flowers or intricate detail  will incur a supplementary charge.
please ask for a quotation.
All Butter Rich Fruit and/or any flavour Genoese Sponge 
 2 Tiers (Small)
  8" & 4"
  £ 80.00
 2 Tiers
 10" & 6"
3 Tiers
 10", 8" & 6"
4 Tiers
 10", 8",  6" & 4" £250.00
4 Tiers (Large)
 12", 10", 8" &  6"  £325.00
5 Tiers
 12",10", 8", 6" & 4"

Q: Are you wondering why the Sponge Cake costs the same as the Fruit Cake?
A: I get this question asked many times, so I thought 
it worth explaining in some detail...... 

Both recipes are premium products that are made from the finest ingredients.
Wherever possible ingredients are sourced locally. Free Range British Eggs and British Butter are always used and the finest flavouring extracts. 
Example: Real Lemon Oil extract in the Lemon Sponge.
The Chocolate Truffle Cake is made using a 
high proportion of minimum 72% finest Belgian Chocolate. 
The Chocolate Ganache recipe uses even more Belgian Chocolate 
and Fresh Double Cream. 

The same level of decoration is used on both Sponge and Fruit Cakes, 
Both Sponge & Fruit cakes have a minimum depth of 4", although in some cases;  
'extra depth' cakes are made to suit a particular design of cake.
To look at a cake externally you would not know whether it was fruit or sponge!
And finally, as a sponge cake deteriorates quickly, (it usually lasts a maximum of 10 days after baking), it cannot be made and finished until the very last minute! 

This means I must dedicate between 2-5 days of time to create your cake, 
A fruit cake in comparison lasts 2-3 months and can be made in conjunction with other orders I may have. This coupled with the reasons given above
means sponge and fruit cakes are often comparative in price.
Please see the products page for more information on the recipes
What size cake do you need? 
Please see Price Guide- Single Tiers for Cutting/Servings Guide 

Mandys 30th Cake
This 2 tier sponge cake has an 8


'We had lots of comments on how good it tasted'!                   
Ben Jeewooth                                                                           

This 3-tier stacked 50th birthday cake is made with  9

'It was beautifully iced;the fruit cake was moist and                                                                                           tasted delicious'!
Dan Burnett


What can I say, except 'Thank You and Wow'!, the cake is amazing!
The detail is incredible and I can't thank you enough for putting so much effort into the cake - you're one talented lady.
Claire Aberdeen, Widnes, Cheshire

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