A delicious slice of moist rich 'Gill's Specialo Recipe' Rich Fruit Cake
Gill's Cakes - 'Special Rich Fruit Cake'
'The Rich Fruit Cake Recipe'
Derived from a traditional family recipe and tweaked slightly to appeal to more modern tastes, this all-butter mixture is made using only the finest available ingredients.
The plump sultanas, raisins, currants and cherries are pre-soaked in brandy and the finished cake is 'drip-fed' neat brandy for many months prior to being decorated with a generous layer of almond marzipan and then decorated with royal icing, sugarpaste or a combination of both.
Nut Allergies
Although the 'Gill's Cakes' recipe does contain chopped nuts, to improve the texture of the cake, this ingredient can be omitted without spoiling the end result.
I can make your cake in as 'nut-free' environment as is possible  and your cake can be decorated without almond marzipan paste.
Unfortunately however, I cannot guarantee that the ingredients I use have not been prepared in a 100% nut-free environment by the Manufacturer. Please be aware of this if your allergy is life-threatening.
For more Information on the ingredients used in the Gill's Cakes recipes and further allergy advice, please see the Ingredients & Allergy Advice Page 
Candied Peel
'Gill's Cakes' recipe does not contain any candied peel. The tough texture of the peel is disliked by so many people that I never use this ingredient in my recipe.
Fruit Cake Storage
Your cake is supplied to you in a cardboard cake box where it can, if required, be stored for 6-8 months in a cool dry place. Cut edges of the cake can be covered in cling-film to prevent them drying out.
You will spoil your fruit cake if you put it in a fridge.
Gill's Cakes - A Delicious All-Butter
Genoese Sponge Cake

The luxury moist Chocolate Truffle Cake served with extra Chocolate tTruffles
'The Delicious Genoese Sponge Recipe'
Made with all-butter, this moist cake is available in the following options:
  • Plain vanilla sponge with strawberry jam and a creamy vanilla buttercream filling.
  • Rich moist chocolate truffle cake with either a chocolate ganache or fresh peppermint filling.
  • Roasted coffee flavour sponge with a coffee ganache filling, walnuts can be added for a deliciously moist coffee & walnut cake.
  • Moist spiced carrot cake with plump juicy raisins and a varied choice of fillings 
  • Moist lemon sponge with a Sicilian lemon curd and cream filling.
Sponge Cake Storage
Your sponge cake is supplied to you in a cardboard cake box where it can be stored for around 7 - 10 days in a cool dry place. Cut edges of the cake can be covered in cling film to prevent them drying out.
You will spoil your sponge cake if you put it in a fridge.
Standard Shapes/ Multi Tiers
All Gill's Cakes are available in round, square, heart or hexagonal shapes.
All available in cakes from 1 to 5 tiers high - See the Price Guide page for prices and sizes. 
Have you ever considered a 5-tier sponge wedding cake with a different flavour 
for each tier? 
 If you want to find out more.... 
See 'Sophie & Grants Cake' Page, they had a 12" Chocolate Truffle Cake filled with a Rich Dark Chocolate Ganache, a 10" Lemon Genoese Cake with Sicilian Lemon Curd and Lemon Cream, a 10" Carrot Cutting Cake for extra slices and the two top tiers were delicious Coffee and Walnut with a Roasted Coffee Buttercream Filling. 
Something for everyone!

The lemon sponge being filled with lemon buttercream and sicilian lemon curd.


Children's & Adults Novelty Cakes
Available in both sponge or fruit, or a combination of both,
Gill will be happy to re-create a design you've seen or
work with you to make your 'perfect' cake.
The cost is purely dependant on the amount of detail the chosen design requires 
and whether hand moulded figures are included. 
A quote will be provided prior to a firm order being taken. 

Michael's 6th Birthday Minion Cake

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