Sophie & Grant's Wedding Cake Story 
Written by Gill

Draft Sophie 1 0001 (2)Every cake is sketched
 prior to the design being agreed
and a full detailed brief is provided
 to ensure all the expectations of the bride and groom 
are fully met. 

Draft Sophie 1 0002 (2)

Sophie & Grant's Sponge wedding cake

Sophie & grant cutting their cake

Sophie & Grant first visited me in the Autumn of 2014, when they were eagerly planning their wedding for May 2015.

They decided on a 'Rustic Style' Country Wedding to be held at Nant Gwrtheym on the North Coast of the Lleyn Peninsula in North Wales:- a stunning location offering an amazing coastal panorama.                                  

Sophie had been doing some research and was keen to persue a cake resembling stacked 'sliced tree logs' with a heart shape inscribed with their initials carved into the tree bark.

Nant Gwrtheym, Lleyn Peninsula

Both were keen the cake should be a selection of different sponge flavours as neither of them like fruit cake. 
Grant favoured the Carrot Cake and Sophie was looking forward to trying the Chocolate Truffle Cake, they both also wanted a Lemon Cake and two smaller tiers of the Coffee & Walnut option for the family to enjoy the following day.  

Nant Gwrtheym, Lleyn Peninsula

With 120 guests this cake needed to be 4 or 5 tiers!
I was slightly worried about the addition of the Carrot Cake in the tiered stack as the texture of this cake is very moist and doesn't particularly lend itself to be firm enough for stacking 
So.... desperate not to disappoint the Groom, it was agreed the Carrot layer would be a single 10" square cutting cake, divided into 48 pieces making it easy for the kitchen to cut. 
That bit sorted the rest was simple!!!!!!!

Making little carrots

The 10

Grant's Favourite - Carrot Cake
Made into a Cutting Cake
and divided into 48 pieces.

Making the Flowers and Leaves

Sophie & Grant's table decorations
Sophie had six adult bridesmaids and a flower girl, all were wearing floaty chiffon dresses in a gorgeous shade of Powder Blue. Bride and 
entourage carried mixed bouquets  of Pale Blue Scabious, Pale Pink/Cream/Peach Roses, Trails of Forget-me-Nots, Jasmine & Ivy. 
So, with the rustic theme set, colours chosen and the flowers decided..
 I set about  making some 400 flowers and leaves in early February 2015. They were all made from moulded flower paste. Wherever possible I made them to match the brides bouquet.
It took around eight weeks to make them all. 
This left plenty of time to let them dry properly before assembling them on wires and arranging the top arrangement in oasis. I then finished them with a light dusting of edible tint.     

Making flowers for the rustic wedding cakeMaking leaves for the rustic wedding cake

Drying the leaves for the rustic wedding cakeA pale blue scabious made from sugar

Constructing the rustic wedding cake
12" Tier - Chocolate Truffle Cake, split twice with a
Dark Chocolate Ganache. 

10" Tier - A moist Lemon Cake, split twice with a Tangy
Sicilian Lemon Curd and Lemon Buttercream.

6" & 4" Extra Deep Top Tiers - Coffee & Walnut, each split three times with a Rich Roasted Coffee Buttercream.


The coffee & walnut cake mixtureSome of the ingredients for the coffee and walnut cake

Dowelling the rustic wedding cake to make sure it is stable when stacked

Top: Some of the ingredients used in the Coffee & Walnut Cake
Left: Filling the lemon Cake with Sicilian Lemon Curd and Lemon Buttercream

This is a light buttercream 'crumb-coat' to prepare the sponge surface prior to top coating with the grey buttercream

The Buttercream
After filling, the sponges were covered with a thin coating of vanilla buttercream. 
'The Crumb-Coat'.
After chilling for 2-3 hours this layer was then firm and ready for
the top-coat.

The Top Coats
The top of each cake was covered with a cream tinted sugarpaste
layer, pressed with a bark impression mat, the edges were then 
brushed with gold tint to resemble the cut log.

The buttercream on the sides was made using Sugarflair Extra Black Paste until the exact colour was reached - in this case a pale grey. I then added streaks of black to the mixture as it was put onto the cakes;
to resemble the silverbirch bark.
The Heart carving with initials was made by dragging a scriber through the buttercream.

Finally, I sprayed all the 'bark' with a silver shimmer spray, this brought out the carved inscription and the texture and dimension
of the bark.

Stacking the Tiers
To be sure the cake would stand firm and not collapse, dowelling was put into the cakes to support the thin boards and cake weight of each upper tier. 
Finishing the cakes with their top coatsThis picture shows the silverbirch bark finish on Sophie & Grant's Wedding Cake

So basically that was it!  Easy! Give it a go, or if you would rather I made this cake or something similar to match your exact requirements, please contact me, 

Send me an e-mail, click on the link Contact-Us or phone me on 
01925 730732.  Many thanks Gill

In the meantime, Many Congratulations to newlyweds 
Mr & Mrs Grant Syme and Many Thanks for allowing me to write your 'Cake Story' and the opportunity to provide you with your dream cake.
See Sophie & Grant & Mum Sharon's feedback 

Many Congratulations to newlyyweds Sophie & Grant Syme
Many Congratulations Sophie & Grant!
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